Tianjin CNCLEAR Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a world-class high-tech developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane filtration systems serving a global marketplace. Technically supported by specialists from Tianjin Polytechnic University and Nanyang Technological University, also additionally assisted by Glowtec(Singapore) Environmental Group, we have built up a close partnership with CNOOC TianJin Chemical Research and Design Institute and our products are currently sold to China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian counties. CNCLEAR has obtained delightful achievements in many business fields such as seawater desalination, drinking water treatment, Oil and wax containing wastewater treatment, salt-containing wastewater treatment, and have made great contribution to local community on water resource reuse and clean water service and qualified wastewater discharge.

  CNCLEAR holds the approval document of sanitary license of membrane products and ISO9001 quality system identification and national Hi-tech enterprise qualification.

  CNCLEAR is constantly reaffirming its mission of preserving our planet’s previous water resources, enhancing environment and ensuring supplies of clean water for the future to benefit our society. We complete in the market based on technological innovation, research breakthrough and high integrity, and always be one step ahead of the competition by offering the most competitive pricing, good service and highest standards of quality. We will blaze our trail and effort on making the world a better place, a cleaner place.


Water Purification

Manufacturing membrane separation technology-based environmentally friendly water treatment products

Environmental Protection

To improve the environment and serve the society is the responsibility and mission of the enterprise

Science and Technology

High tech enterprise based on membrane separation technology


We uphold the scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development


We will continue to strive to provide customers with more perfect service