Two filtration patterns of UF membrane from Tianjin
Time : 03-08-2016  Traffic:0
  UF membrane technique is widely used in purification treatment of industrial and domestic water, which can effectively remove organics, inorganics, heavy metals and bacteria in water. Pressure difference is the driving force for UF membrane filtration, and there are two filtration patterns of UF membrane from Tianjin, namely Internal Pressure Type and External Pressure Type. For additional insight, we detail the two patterns as below.

By Internal Pressure Type, after entering the internal diameter of membrane filament, the raw water is forced by a pressure difference and flow radially from inside to outside along hollow fiber. During this process, a difference in pressure forces the components that are smaller than the membrane pores through the membrane as “permeate”.

Normally, high pressure large volume suitable flushes could be adopted, which would make the flushing steam have high tangential velocity and washout the pollutants absorbed on the internal diameter of membrane and thus regain the high flow capacity of membrane.

By External Pressure Type, a pressure difference forces the raw water permeate radially from outside to inside of hollow fiber membrane filament, and the remaining components collected on the outside of the hollow fiber membrane filament are retained as “retentate”. Due to the UF membrane is sealed in the membrane membrane housing, high velocity suitable flushes could not be adopted and the pollutants absorbed on the surface of membrane can not be totally removed.