CC-60 Series column type ultrafitration module is mainly applied to small scale ultrafiltration system or mobile emergency equipment, with membrane material basically comprised of PAN, is widely used in feed water purification, producing water is above Standard of GB5749-2006《Quality and Hygiene standards of the State for Drinking water》. This type of membrane module is partially made of PVDF material and mainly used for reclaimed water reuse.

Permeating water quality:
SDI ≤2.5
Bacteria removal rate 99.99%
Produced water turbidity ≤0.15NTU
Suspended solids ≤1mg/L

Operating parameter:
Operating pressure 0.08-0.12MPa
Backwashing pressure 0.12-0.15 MPa
Trans-membrane pressure ≤0.15 MPa
Temperature range 5-45℃
PH range pH 2-11
Operation mode Dead end or Cross-flow 
Module performance paremeter:
Model CC-6020 CC-6040 CC-6060
Pure water flux /h.0.1MPa 1500-1800L 3200-3500 L 4500-4800 L
Membrane area 14㎡ 28㎡ 40 ㎡
Wet weight 22kg 35 kg 45 kg
Overall dimension Φ160×800mm Φ160×1355mm Φ160×1800mm