CC80 series of column type ultrafiltration membrane is mainly applied to large scale ultrafiltration system, with membrane material basically comprised of PVDF, is widely used in seawater desalination plant pretreatment, reclaimed water recycling, membrane bioreactor (MBR), wastewater treatment and other fields. The treatment process is generally associated with oxidant rinse or gas washing.

Permeating water quality:
SDI ≤2.5
Bacteria removal rate 99.99%
Produced water turbidity ≤0.2NTU
Suspended solids ≤1mg/L

Module performance parameter:
Model CC-8040 CC-8060 CC-8080
Pure water flux /h.0.1MPa 4000-4500 L 6000-6500L 8000-9000L
Membrane area 35 ㎡ 50㎡ 80㎡
Wet weight 45 kg 55 kg 75 kg
Overall dimension Φ200×1270mm Φ200×1766mm Φ225×2360mm

Operating parameter:
Operating pressure 0.08-0.1MPa
Backwashing pressure 0.12-0.15 MPa
Trans-membrane pressure ≤0.15 MPa
Temperature range 5-45℃
PH range pH 2-11
Operation mode Dead end or Cross-flow