Curtain membrane module is mainly used for membrane bioreactor(MBR). Membrane material, basing on PVDF with good resistance to oxidation, is generally divided into normal type and enhanced type. The normal type curtain membrane module is normally used in the good feed water condition, like municipal water. The enhanced type curtain membrane module featuring in high tensile strength is normally used in bad feed water condition which needs chemical wash or aeration process.

Permeating water quality:
SDI ≤3
Bacteria removal rate 99.9%
Produced water turbidity ≤0.8NTU
Suspended solids ≤3mg/L

Operating parameter:
Operating pressure Static vacuum or gravity
Pure water flux 12-25L/h.㎡.0.2bar.
Gas-water ratio 15:1―20:1
Cleaning chlorine resistance ≤5000mg/L
PH range pH 2-10
Temperature range 5-45℃

Module performance parameter:
Model CF-1020 CF-1520 CF-1950
Dimension W1×W2×H  mm 535×450×1020 535×450×1520 535×450×1950
Flux m³/d. 3.5-6.0 5.5-9.5 7.0-11.5
Membrane area 12.5 20 25
Dry weight  kg 3 5 7.5
Wet weight  kg 6 13 18